When Do You Order a Wedding Gown?

When shopping for a wedding gown, brides become over whelmed with the amount of questions flooding through their minds. One of the most prominent questions is, how far in advance is a bride supposed to purchase their wedding gown? There are different things to consider when deciding when is the right time for you!
First and foremost, designer gowns take four to six months to come in after they are ordered. At the time of purchase a bride is measured and placed in a size accordingly to the designer size chart. All designers size charts are different.
Secondly, alterations are ideally started about eight weeks before the wedding date and the last fitting is about a week or so before the wedding. At the Collection Bridal, we have an in house seamstress. This makes finding someone to alter the gown uber easy and convenient. Our seamstress are professionally trained and have years of experience.
Thirdly, gowns are shipped from all part of the world so giving some extra time for shipping is always taken into consideration when expecting gowns to arrive and when ordering. Ship dates can vary due to the postal service.
With that being said, an ideal time to purchase the gown is about eight to ten months out from the wedding date. This is giving the bride enough time to avoid any added rush fees and/or stress to get the gown in time for alterations and the wedding. Shopping in advance when purchasing a couture gown is always a stress free and ideal way.
Yet, there are quick engagements! For these brides options include paying a rush fee or purchasing a sample gown. The timeline may vary according to when the wedding is and how much time the bride has to complete alterations. When purchasing a sample, you are able to shop a few months before the wedding. Keeping in mind sample sizes are usually sizes 10’s and 12’s, European sizing run very small. It is always a better option to have a gown fitted to you if it’s a bigger size than too tight, so don’t fear the sample if it’s too big!