What is a Jewelry Consolation

Our stylist at the Collection Bridal love, love love, to accessorize!  When you come for a jewelry consultation we are ready to find the vibe you are looking for! If that is a flower crown made of jewels or a tiara for the grandest of brides. 

Your stylist will pick different metal colors and show you options on how to customize your Maria Elena jewelry. Maria Elena is one of our top choices for customization to create the perfect vibe from the old world, traditional, boho chic to glam! 

Boutique de Voile is another designer we at the Collection are so partial to her hair vines! This designer is the perfect fit for that natural, soft, earthy, and/or feminine bride. 

Although these are not the only two designers we carry we have something for everyone! If you find you are not connecting with a piece, we will do our best to have something brought in for you that will better suit your needs! 

We can not wait to have you come in and meet with a Stylist on our team to find the perfect accessories for you!