What Comes First the Venue or thr Dress?

Remember when Carrie Bradshaw completely changed her wedding plans because of a gown she fell in love with? That’s because guests may remember your venue for a month or two, but they’ll never forget your dress. We’ve seen brides wear a ball gown on the beach, a tight mermaid in a church (we could go on & on) but basically, what we’re trying to say, is that as a bride you should never feel like you have to compromise. Your dress will be beautiful wherever you wear it. It’s definitely important to have a vision & an idea of the “feeling” you want your wedding to have when you’re dress shopping, but you don’t need to have the venue set in stone.  In our experience we have been told over & over from our brides that it seems as if everything else falls into place once you say YES to the dress! When you were a little girl you probably didn’t dream about the catering, DJ, or even the venue for your wedding, but you probably did dream about your dress- our point exactly. Here at The Collection, we can’t wait to help you find your dream gown & then the rest of your wedding planning can begin!