Wedding Traditions Unveiled!!


As wedding season starts to approach us very quickly here in sunny Florida, one is reminded about the traditions and rituals that have been passed down throughout time.  We all know the phrase something old, new, borrowed and blue but do you know why Bridesmaids started wearing matching gowns? In olden times, this was to fool evil spirits and ward off a  jealous  ex-suitor on the way to the church!!!  And the time honored traditions of tossing the bouquet actually stems from England in which wedding guests would tear pieces of the bride’s gown for good luck!!!  The bride then tossed the bouquet to escape from the crowd.  During the wedding, the bride typically stands on the left side of her groom… This was so the groom’s sword arm was free just in case there was trouble. 

Even though today’s weddings thankfully do not involves swords, evil spirits or ripping one’s beloved wedding gown, the actions are still followed through.  And remember it is not just old, new, borrowed and blue but also a sixpence in your shoe.  This ritual of placing the sixpence coin in the bride’s shoe is to wish the married couple wealth in their life together.  Happy planning!

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Ford.  Dresses by Liz Fields.