Veil or no veil?

Here at The Collection, we have the perfect mix of traditional & modern brides. We have brides that would never not wear a veil, but then we have brides who won’t even think about trying one on! So, the million dollar question, veil or no veil? We think that’s 100% up to the bride to decide. But, we do tell our brides that this is the only day in your life you get to wear one. (Okay, maybe your bachelorette party, but we’re not counting that). A veil really can help pull the whole look together, but if that’s not your thing, we have stunning headpieces for your hair! Also, if you find your dress somewhere else, don’t hesitate to still come to us for any accessories. Veil or no veil, we would still love to help you accessorize!

Alexandra Frost