Trends, Trends, & More Trends!

In this blog post, we thought it would be fun to talk about some of the hottest trends in the bridal industry this season! Some things will always stay in trend, like clean lines & less being more (we’re calling this minimalism) & we love these classy looks. These style trends are perfect for our brides who never want their dress to go “out of style”. Another trend that has been popular for a long, long time & that we expect to stay popular are long trains, especially lace ones which are absolutely beautiful & photograph amazing. But, stepping outside of the traditional box is also very in right now, for example, we’re seeing a lot of colors like blushes & nudes. When it comes to trends that are a little outside of a bride’s comfort zone, keeping an open mind is something we always encourage! As for jewelry, we’re seeing a variety of new looks come about. Once again though, certain styles will always be popular like pearls & drop earrings, but brides are really starting to be more “daring” with their jewelry choices. Statement earrings, cocktail rings, rose gold, & even chokers are making an appearance this season & we are loving it! Did you know we carry jewelry here at The Collection too? Trust our stylists to know not just how to find your perfect gown, but also how to pair it with the most amazing accessories.