Our fairy godmothers

We’ve talked about our amazing bridal stylists on this blog, but we’ve yet to talk about the “fairy godmothers” of The Collection Bridal. If you guessed that we’re talking about our unbelievable seamstresses, then you guessed right. Altogether, our seamstresses have over 40 years of experience doing what they love- making brides feel beautiful. Tailoring a dress to fit any type of body shape is truly an art of craftsmanship they have mastered. Both seamstresses have a gift of being able to look at a woman in a gown and know exactly what needs to happen to have the gown showcase the bride. Did we mention that all of our gown alteration is done in house? That’s pretty special. If you are a Collection bride, you will 100% be able to meet our seamstresses who are present for every  fitting to make sure you are happy with the end result, while having fun throughout the process of having your dress fitted to you. When we asked our seamstresses why they love what they do, they told us it was because they love being creative & paying attention to detail but above all they love helping all of their brides feel beautiful. At the end of the day, they are more than seamstresses- they are dress makers & we feel so lucky to have them here at The Collection Bridal!