Let’s talk Bridesmaids!

In this blog post we want to talk bridesmaids! Obviously we know how important they are, I mean come on, they stand right next to the bride on one of the most important days of her life! So what should they wear? When should they order their gowns? We’re here for all of your questions. We think bridesmaids should be in a beautiful gown that makes them feel their best, whether it be short or long, off the shoulder or strapless, fitted or loose, & so on (maybe even a mix!). It’s actually in trend right now for bridesmaids not to match each other 100%. This could mean they all wear the same color but different styles of gowns, or they all wear different shades of a color, for example. Every bridesmaid dress could be different, or just the maid of honors could be. This is super unique & makes for great pictures. Although we’re totally cool with the traditional route of all matching too, we encourage getting creative with your gown choices! Also, since we’re coming up on Summer it’s the perfect time to pick a fun color scheme. We’re loving jewel tones & pastels for this season. But whichever the bride & her bridesmaid chooses, the dresses should be ordered approximately six months out from the wedding. This gives time for the girls to pay, for the dresses to arrive & for alterations. It’s obviously the bride’s big day, but we think letting the bridesmaids help decide what they wear is super nice & helps them to feel involved. After all, they’re probably just as excited for the wedding as the bride!

Thanks for reading everyone.

Alexandra Frost