If the Glove fits….


While perusing through Twitter a few days ago, I read a post from the famed Bergdorf Goodman department store that made me smile.  Under the trend of “Things you hear in the office” read.. “I really just want opera gloves”!!  This simple tweet brought a smile to face as I am obsessed with gloves and if given the opportunity, I would wear them on a daily basis.  This made me wonder about our brides and the possibility of wearing gloves on your big day!! 
Gone are the days of only white, satin gloves only worn by debutantes!!  Today’s bride has the option of any length from wrist to elbow to opera and in a variety of fabrics.  Reem Acra rocked the runway during Bridal Market, when their gowns were featured with opera length RED leather gloves.  The color contrast was amazing and this accessory really set them apart from other designers that season.  I love the idea of short lace, crocheted gloves as well.  Perfect for a garden wedding, the glove can simply be removed while you are exchanging rings.  Gloves can be worn throughout the entire wedding day or worn during just the ceremony or just the reception, the options are endless.  But growing up I was taught by my mother, ” a lady never eats with her gloves on”. 

Photo courtesy of Garrett Nudd.