Hi everyone!

Today we want to talk a little bit about what happens after you say “YES!” to the dress. So, here we go—alterations! We’ll start your wedding gown alterations about six to eight weeks before your big day. Usually brides have three fittings with one of our amazing seamstresses, but you could possibly have more depending on the dress or if you’re planning on doing custom changes.

Your first appointment will be your “fit check appointment” where you will try on your gown that we ordered for you months prior. You’re going to try it on in order to see how it fits, what undergarments you may need to purchase to help the gown fit as best as possible. You will also try the shoes on with the dress to see if you like how they look or if you want something a little different, maybe taller or shorter. You’re not seeing a seamstress at this appointment, this is just a time for you to assess how the gown fits your body. But this is the perfect appointment to get your mind prepared for the alteration process you’ll go through with your gown and then set up a time and day for your first fitting.

The first fitting is all about the seamstress assessing what needs to be done to the gown in order to tailor it to your body. To have this gown assessment be accurate you will need to have all of your essentials for this fitting and future fittings which include any undergarments such as spanks, long lined bras, strapless bras, and shoes. We have our own selection of cups and long lined bras if you are interested, and you probably went over the bra situation during your prior fit check appointment.

The next piece of advice we want to give our brides is very important. We know that most brides are in a workout frenzy mode before their wedding, and while we support you in your journey, your body needs to be where it is going to stay at your first fitting appointment. This is important because the seamstress is assessing and pinning your gown to your body. She is pinning it to have it fit the way your body is at that point in time. When your body changes this will interrupt the way the gown was pinned and fits.

After assessing what needs to be adjusted to your gown, your seamstress will then start to pin your gown which will roughly include the bust, hem, and bustle. This is why having your shoes during this appointment is imperative. The hem is how the gown falls when you walk and dance, so if you do not have your shoes it is very hard to assess how much we need to adjust the hem for you. The undergarments will determine how your bust, waist and hips are fitting in your gown as well. Undergarments are life!

**Custom Changes- We may or may not start that during this fitting depending on what needs to be done**

The second fitting is the fitting where you see your gown start to come to life. Everything is hand basted. This is the time to make small tweaks to the gown to have it to your liking. You will also go over your bustle at this time or start on your bustle. As stated before all brides are different and are case by case, so some brides will address different stages of adjustments to their gown at different fittings. This is the fitting for you to speak now or forever hold your peace! Lol. It’s not that black and white, but kind of. You really want the seamstress (unless you are working on a custom change) to be able to adjust or make any changes at this time. You want her to be able to really know everything that needs to be completed on your gown for your next fitting.

Bring a friend or family member to learn and record your bustle!

Attention: If your body dramatically changes from your first to second fitting it is like we have to start the alterations process all over again. We have to re-pin and re-assess what needs to be done which will make the alterations process take longer and may make you have to have more appointments than originally planned. Depending on how much work has to be re-done you may have to be even more flexible with your schedule in order for the seamstress to complete the work. Remember she assessed and planned out how much time it was going to take and how much needed to be done at the first fitting. We’re not trying to sound harsh, once again we completely support you working out and getting your body to where you want it to be! But it’s best to try and be where you want to be on your wedding day at your first fitting. This will make life easier and less stressful for you as well, trust us.

**Custom changes will be started at this time if they weren’t at the first fitting**

Your third fitting will usually be your final fitting unless you’re making a custom change or changes and your seamstress has told you that you will have more than three appointments. All fabric has been cut and sewn. This is final and usually can’t be changed or adjusted at this time. (Sorry to sound harsh) But, this is why the second fitting is so important to talk about your concerns. We also want to state again that depending on the case by case, the third fitting is not always the final one, yet you will know at your second fitting what to expect on your third, meaning you will know if you are picking up your gown or if you need a fourth fitting.

If you are not picking up your gown, that will be discussed prior to this appointment, then you will set up a time to have your gown picked up after we have pressed or steamed it for your big day.

Usually your last fitting is near the time of your wedding. Please do not panic if your final fitting and pick up is the week of your wedding. It is absolutely normal for this to occur.

We also want to say, out of state and out of the country brides have different protocol and please ask your stylist for more information.

We hope this helps you get a little idea of what to expect when you come in for your fittings here at The Collection. If you ever have any questions during any part of the process feel free to ask one of our consultants or seamstresses! They’re here for you.

As always, thanks for reading!

Alexandra Frost