Collection Bride Featured In “The Knot” Magazine

Congratulations to The Collection’s own Shayna Goldman Wacker and her husband Nick on their feature in The Knot Florida! Shayna is wearing an Inbal Dror gown, available at The Collection. She shares her gown story below.

“With my mom working in the bridal industry, and growing up around it, there’s a lot of pressure to have a unique dress. I also modeled wedding dresses, so I’ve had hundreds of them on. I knew I wasn’t going to have that exact moment other brides have and would be a bit harder to please. We had a really big challenge ahead.”

Shayna spent two years planning her wedding, but found her Inbal Dror gown only five months before wedding. “I chose my wedding gown after work, while the store was closed at 9 o’clock at night. I said ‘I’ll try anything at this point. Let’s give it a whirl.’ As soon as I put it on – I knew it was the dress. I was completely silent. My mom was concerned and asked ‘are you okay?’ and I responded ‘ Yes! I want this dress!’ It was completely different from what I thought I wanted. It had sleeves, was backless and fitted. I thought I wanted a huge, cupcake dress. But it was such a perfect gown for me. I wouldn’t have been happy with anything else!” 

Shayna danced and celebrated in her dress until two in the morning. Her dress has a pink underlay, which gave it a slight blush hue. The Collection embroidered the inside hem with the bride and groom’s name and wedding date in blue. “Inbal went above and beyond – I can’t thank her enough for making this dress possible! She really cares about her style and gowns.” For this bride, it was truly a fairly tale ending!

Photos by Binaryflips Photography.