Behind The Scenes

When a lot of brides picture themselves going dress shopping, they picture standing on a pedestal with their friends and family around them ooh-ing and aah-ing. Here at The Collection, we assure you we will try our best to make this vision come true. But, what we want to talk about in this blog post is a little bit about what happens behind the scenes while you are dress shopping.

This is such an exciting experience, one that most brides dream of since they were a little girl. But we want to remind our brides that excitement may not be the only emotion you feel while dress shopping. You may feel a little nervous, or even overwhelmed, and this is why your consultant will stay with you the entire time. She’ll guide you through all of the beautiful dresses (because yes, there are a lot of them) and she’ll help you handle all of the opinions that might be thrown your way by friends and family. But the most important thing we can tell you is that while it’s so normal to feel an array of emotions, it’s so important to be transparent with your consultant. We want to be there for you as best as we can!

When I say that the consultant will be with you the entire time, I mean the ENTIRE time. She’ll help you in & out of the dresses, while staying in the fitting room with you throughout the appointment. There is absolutely no reason to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed! We are all women here and this is our job. That fitting room is an absolute no judgement zone, & we’ll make sure you feel that way.

It’s also important to note that all of the dresses you will try on will be sample size. We have so many dresses here at The Collection, so there would just be no way to carry each dress in different sizes. Please don’t be discouraged if a dress is too big or too small. We will make it work! Then of course when you decide on your perfect gown, we’ll order it in your closest size & then our alterations team will take over from there.

Overall, behind the scenes and on the pedestal in front of your friends & family, your consultant will make sure that dress shopping here at The Collection is an amazing experience for you. We hope to see you soon!

Thanks for reading.

Alexandra Frost